Everyone is cooking on Instagram. These are the best chefs and celebrities to watch (LA Times)

Many of us are trapped in the Instagram vortex. In the absence of sleep or anything to do, you scroll and scroll (and scroll) until you pause at a video of someone throwing something into a pan. The ASMR of the sizzling is enough to inspire your own attempt at cooking or, at the very least, offer a welcome distraction.

It seems everyone — that college friend you never see in person but still follow, your favorite chef, your celebrity crush — is cooking on Instagram. The hashtag #quarantinecooking has nearly 200,000 tags.

Some videos offer real cooking tips. Others provide self-validation: My kitchen is somehow cleaner than yours? Winning.

Here’s a list of chefs and celebrities to follow on Instagram, for the next time you’re trapped in the vortex and never want to (or simply can’t) get out: …

To read the entire article from Los Angeles Times, click https://www.latimes.com/food/story/2020-04-28/chefs-celebrity-home-cook-quarantine-instagram


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