Tracking Trump’s promises on responding to the virus (NYT)

The president has promised enhanced testing and monitoring capabilities, thousands of ventilators and millions of masks. Here’s a status report.

Coronavirus testing will be available in commercial parking lots and can be found through a few clicks on a website. Millions of masks and “more ventilators than we need” will be delivered imminently. Monitoring capabilities for the next phase of the pandemic are on the way.

President Trump has made many promises about responding to the coronavirus crisis. But in the month since he declared a national emergency and as he encourages steps toward reopening the economy, many of them remain unfulfilled or works in progress. The number of testing sites operated by big retail chains is still minimal. It is likely to be months before millions of masks reach hospitals. And his own public health officials warn that a comprehensive surveillance system is not yet ready.

Here’s an assessment of how Mr. Trump’s promises stack up to reality.

For weeks, the Trump administration has pledged to ramp up testing. Progress has been made, but continues to fall short of specific targets outlined by the president…

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