INSTRUCTIONS: How to add a post (4/12/20)


  1. Article: Copy the headline
  2. WP: Posts –> Add New –> Paste the headline field
  3. Edit headline: (A) Down style. (B) “Coronavirus” maybe unnecessary. (C) Source in parentheses
  4. Article: Copy the first few paragraphs
  5. WP: Paste into body copy
  6. Note: If you’re pasting a subhead, change to “H3” and end with a period and a space.
  7. Add final pp: “Read this entire article in The Atlantic here: “
  8. Article: Copy URL
  9. WP: At end of that final pp, paste URL.
  10. Delete unnecessary stuff (“?” and everything after) at end of URL
  11. Select the URL and boldface it
  12. Click the “link” icon and select “Open in New Tab”
  13. Boldface opening phrase and a few other key phrases, if desired
  14. Right rail: Select “Document” panel
  15. If you want to keep this invisible to readers, change Visiblity to “Private,
    post it, open right rail again
  16. Publish date and time should be changed to current date and time (unless you want it to be lower on the website’s list of displayed stories)
  17. If a video, change “Post Format” to video
  18. If a video, in the central section, under Post Template, select Style 9
  19. In “Categories,” select desired categories. (E.g., “Most Recent Posts” and “News”)
  20. If not a video: In “Featured Image,” select a good image. (Need to add a new image? See instructions below)
  21. If a video: Find the YouTube URL and paste it into “Featured Video”
  22. At top right, hit “Publish,” proofread, hit “Publish again
  23. Review on website



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