First Yanomami Covid-19 death raises fears for Brazil’s indigenous peoples (The Guardian)

Acutely vulnerable population at risk as wildcat miners in Amazon reserve suspected as source of infection that killed 15-year-old.

A Yanomami teenager has reportedly died after contracting Covid-19, further fuelling fears over the disease’s potential to decimate indigenous communities in the Amazon.

The victim – who health authorities named as 15-year-old Alvanei Xirixana – died on Thursday night after spending almost a week in intensive care in Boa Vista, a Brazilian city near the Yanomami’s Portugal-sized reserve.

The Folha de São Paulo newspaper reported that Xirixana was from Rehebe, a village along the Uraricoera River which wildcat goldminers use to illegally access the mineral-rich territory.

The website Amazônia Real said the village’s 70 or so members had been isolated, as well as the victim’s parents, five health workers and a local pilot…

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