Should you shave your ‘quarantine beard’ (NPR)

During the coronavirus pandemic, people have jettisoned all manner of routines, and grooming is no exception.

On social media, many men are leaning into self-isolation with the #QuarantineBeard. Comedian Jim Carrey, for one, is putting down the razor until “we all go back to work,” encouraging his Twitter followers to join him in his “meaningless transformation,” using the hashtag #letsgrowtogether.

But as the public rethinks previously ordinary things like take-out food and mail delivery, facial hair is also under inspection.

However, the bearded needn’t bristle: The mere presence of facial hair won’t put you or others at risk, says Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease specialist.

“There’s no evidence that having a beard per se makes you more or less vulnerable to the coronavirus,” says Adalja, a senior scholar with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security…

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