Watch this video: Masks save lives!

This 3-1/2-minute video makes an compelling case for wearing masks as a technique to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus — illustrating the great success that the Czech Republic is having by insisting that all its citizens wear masks whenever they’re out in public.

Watch this video on the Masks Save Lives website here: or on YouTube here


A KEY ARGUMENT FOR USING HOMEMADE MASKS: Homemade masks are partly effective in individual protection, but they are essential for slowing the spread of the virus in the population.

The main outcome of our studies was that they stop around 95-100% of viruses that people emitting by your breath, sneezing, and coughing. People are the most contagious first days without symptoms, that’s why we need masks for all.

We have successfully tested the hypothesis at two main technical universities and it is highly recommended by a team of experts, COVID CZECH, under the coordination of the president of Czech Technical University in Prague. The team consists of a virologist, epidemiologist, doctors with specialization in population protection, chemists, and physicist with specialization if filtration. This group is an advisory expert group for the Czech government in Prague. Now it is obligatory to wear masks in the whole country.

Please share and help to spread the key message that can save lives and slow the pandemic. #Masks4All: “I protect you, you protect me.”


Some YouTube commenters:

“Finally an educated European country that believes in wearing the masks! Czech is certainly not just a beautiful country but also a brainy one ! Thank you for such important message to the world.”

“I am so happy to be living here at a time like this. I feel so much safer in Prague than back home in the US. I can not be more gracious to the Czech government’s swift and strong action <3″

“I’m an RN. To me, it’s common sense and should’ve been implemented earlier. Shame on the CDC, WHO, and U.S. Surgeon General for misleading the public about the efficacy of masks in order to cover up their lack of preparation. If they were trying to prevent a mask shortage, it backfired anyway. They didn’t take it seriously and it set us up for failure. Now our hospitals are overwhelmed and bombarded with cases, leaving frontliners unarmed without proper protective gear and vulnerable to infection. Our doctors and nurses are dying alongside patients in this war against COVID-19. #Masks4all needs to be enforced for everyone who steps out for essential travel. Combined with hand washing, social distancing, aggressive testing, contact tracing, and stay at home, it will make the difference. Compare numbers for U.S. and countries that already enforce a ‘universal mask’ policy- they don’t lie! They speak for themselves. Want to help our healthcare system from burnout and collapse? Empower the people to make and use DIY cloth masks. Ramp up production of N95s and PPE for our healthcare providers. It can turn this all around by addressing the problem of asymptomatic carriers and irresponsible rule breakers. It has the potential to reduce community transmission, flatten the curve, and alleviate the burden on our healthcare system. It’s a no-brainer.”



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