Is it safe to eat takeout and delivery food?

Yes, experts say, though you may want to stick with your familiar spots who have always provided careful food handling to avoid other types of foodborne illness that would weaken your immune system, and preference hot foods over cold.  Many restaurants are working out contactless delivery, and avoiding cash exchange, though you will want to be sure to be able to tip. Wiping down hard surface containers may be advisable, and handwashing before and after delivery is recommended.  There are many other aspects you may be wondering about: service to those who are unable to shop and cook for themselves, safety for those who are making deliveries, and support for restaurants.

FAQ’s from The Guardian sort out these considerations.

Is it safe – and ethical – to order food online during the coronavirus outbreak? If you order from a place that treats workers with care, you’re supporting small businesses, families and the economy.


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