What’s an appropriate supply of emergency food & beverages?

No need to hoard, and the water supply should not be affected. While grocery stores and pharmacies and even liquor stores are considered essential to remain open, stocking up within reason, if it is possible for you, will include considering nutritious and shelf-stable food that will help keep your immunity up, supplies to keep mental energy and emotional well-being strong, health products like thermometers and the same kind of supports you’d get for the flu, and cleaning supplies. And don’t forget your pets!

Vox offers a one-page, printable guide for preparing to shelter at home: our recommendations for surviving boredom, loneliness, and the coronavirus:


TODAY Food has put together a list of nutrient-dense, shelf-stable foods (plus several heartier produce items), that will help keep your family nourished and satisfied in the event that they will be staying inside for an extended period of time:



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