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How you can help others

Here are some ways you could be of service to others during this shared time of crisis: 

  • Sew cloth face masks to donate to your friends and neighbors.Chicagoan at home with sewing machine, making face masks for family and neighbors
  • Track down N95 face masks and deliver them to local hospitals.
  • Check in with neighbors who are living alone — even if you don’t know them well! — to see how they’re doing and if they need any help.
  • Organize a Teddy Bear Hunt (click link for details) for local children. 
  • Call or write your elected representatives in Congress and urge them to speed up stimulus payments to the most-needy. 
  • Order a take-out or delivery meal from one of your favorite local restaurants to help them stay in business.
  • Buy a gift card, for future use, from one of your favorite local shops.
  • Teach a senior citizen or a person suffering from loneliness how to use video chat (e.g., FaceTime, Alexa, Zoom, or Skype video).
  • If you have an RV (recreational vehicle), lend it to a medical professional who fears sleeping at home because he or she might expose their family to the virus.
  • Donate blood. The need is high, and blood donation centers are open throughout the country, practicing safe distancing and sanitized donation practices.

Also, see some excellent suggestions (including non-profits that need donations) from The Washington Post here. Have other suggestions? Please share them here!  (Reader suggestions so far have included teaching the non-tech-savvy how to order groceries online and how to pay bills online…)


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