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Poop could help stop the pandemic. Really. (Politico)

Wastewater offers a promising way to track the virus, a top CDC doctor says. The federal government...

Inside the extraordinary race to invent a coronavirus vaccine (WaPo)

Companies are launching trials at an unprecedented pace, but some worry about the trade-offs between speed and safety.

Alarm bells ring over controversial COVID testing (The Hill)

Lawmakers and public health experts are raising alarms about the widespread embrace of blood tests to gauge whether somebody was previously exposed...
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Rallies continue against statewide restrictions aimed at slowing coronavirus spread (WaPo)

As more than half of America’s governors have relaxed coronavirus-driven restrictions, protests against stay-at-home orders have spread. In Nevada, a chanting crowd of protesters...
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White House blocks Fauci from testifying before Congress (The Hill)

House Democrats seeking Anthony Fauci's testimony on the coronavirus crisis have been rebuffed by the White House, which is blocking the nation’s top...

New York is seeing a ‘frightening’ increase in domestic violence calls (Vice News)

Calls to New York’s domestic violence hotline rose by 30% in April, compared to the same month last year.

Old drugs may find a new purpose: fighting the Coronavirus (NYT)

A “drug repurposing” strategy uncovers dozens of compounds that have the unexpected potential to combat the virus.

Exclusive: One Democrat’s plan to stretch expanded unemployment insurance through December (Vox)

Expanded unemployment benefits end in late July. Rep. Dan Kildee of Michigan wants to extend them through the rest of the...

Facebook says it’s removing content promoting false cures. These businesses are currently violating that...

Facebook has stated that it is committed to fighting coronavirus misinformation by removing content that promotes bogus preventatives and cures. But Media...

What Is ‘Covid Toe’? Maybe a strange sign of Coronavirus infection (NYT)

Dermatologists say the lesions should prompt testing for the virus, even though many patients have no other symptoms.
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