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How you can help others

By -- Here are some ways you could be of service to others during this shared...

How 20 seconds of soap kills the coronavirus (Vox)

This is a great video from Vox on how soap (or, perhaps not quite as well, hand sanitizer) kills the coronavirus --...

End-of-life planning during the coronavirus pandemic, in 8 steps (Vox)

How to make crucial financial and health care decisions for you and your loved ones. Surely you’ve...

Where to order your favorite pantry staples online (Bon Appétit)

Your local grocery store is out of flour. The internet isn’t. For most of us, grocery shopping...

COVID-19 symptoms chart (Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham)

Excellent diagnostic graphic: Do you have symptoms of a cold, an allergy, the flu, or COVID-19? The...

How to make an effective face mask at home (Business Insider)

It's possible to make your own face mask at home with cotton, cloth, and other common materials. Chalinee Thirasupa/Reuters
(Photo credit: iStock)

Ventilator vs. respirator, quarantine vs. isolation: COVID-19 pandemic terms, defined (Vox)

With the Covid-19 pandemic, there are so many new things we need to grow accustomed to. We’re physically avoiding many of the people...

Symptoms of COVID-19 vs. cold and flu

Note that this graphic does not include the newly-identified possible COVID-19 symptom of loss of sense of smell and/or taste (in otherwise...

Flattening the curve

Food safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide

See this excellent piece here:
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