ARCHIVE: NEEDS WORK: Wide international spreadsheet

POPULATION CASES    DEATHS    TESTINGRankPopulation (in millions)Country RankTotal casesRank Total cases/1M pop Increase yesterday RankTotal deathsRank Total deaths/1M pop Increase yesterday Rank% of population tested3     330.9USA 1613,88614   1,8555% 1     26,04713         7910% 350.9%27       46.8Spain 2174,0606   3,7232% 3     18,2553      3903% 281.3%22      ...

ARCHIVE: Intro paragraph 4/10/20

Check the statistics to see if the curves are flattening yetWatch the latest daily briefings from your favorite governors or prime ministersRead the...

ARCHIVE of Statistics Watch by day

Statistics uipdate for Monday APr 20 (Image below is a just a screenshot for illustration purposes; full table is...
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